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The Chautauqua County Association for the Education of Young Children supports the development of professionals to promote high-quality care and education for the well being of all young children and their families.



The vision of CCAEYC mirrors the vision of NAEYC, in that we believe in:

  • supporting excellent early education
  • improving teaching and learning
  • building a high quality profession of early childhood educators and advocates for all young children
  • promoting public support and policies



The association strives to achieve this mission by:

  • fostering the professional growth and competence of all persons working with
    young children.
  • advocating high standards for programs serving young children.
  •  disseminating information about children’s issues to policy makers and the general public.
  •  encouraging the involvement of local members in networking with regional, state, and national AEYC groups.
  • encouraging professional behavior and supportive fellowship among all early childhood professionals.
  • supporting parents in their role as the primary caregivers and educators of their children.
  • working collaboratively with other professional organizations and agencies on behalf of young children.

CCAEYC Governing Board


Judy Metzger

Jennifer Berke

Past Presidents:

Elizabeth Starks

Kathleen Siragusa


Beth Mulkin


Virginia Miller

At Large Members:

Ella Ames

Mira Berkley

Brooke Bradigan

Cris Wigren

Melissa Kelley


Community Partners:

Child Care Council – Chris Wigren

Head Start –



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